Innoweave Biocare
Innoweave Biocare is developing a point of care device for rapid (15 min) diagnosis of preeclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension) with 96% accuracy as compared to time consuming 24 hr urine test or inaccurate (Sensitivity: 56%) dipstick test, in order to reduce maternal mortality and still birth.


Nemocare is committed to creating innovative solutions for improving newborn and maternal care. NemoCare has developed the most accurate and smartest infant monitoring system - NeMo Foot Band - a wearable for the new born that addresses the need for a low-cost and highly accurate for the detection of - Apnea and Hypothermia - two of the most life-threatening conditions that the newborns face.


Cyclops MedTech has developed clinical and wearable diagnostic and rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking technology. Their product, Balance Eye is a new age advanced and professional comprehensive balance assessment solution for diagnosing vertigo and balance disorders. The solution comprises of state of the art eye tracking goggles and software modules powered by robust algorithms. The entire solution has been designed by a team of neuro vestibular professionals and computer vision and image processing experts.


Aditya Jha


Aditya Jha is a philanthropist & social activist at heart and also a passionate serial entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial pursuits include start-up technology ventures (software product development and IT services) as well as brick and mortar turn-around businesses (Chocolate manufacturing, Real Estate and Fine dining/Fast food restaurants) in Canada, Thailand, and India. He co-founded a software company, Isopia Inc., after having a successful career at Bell Canada as General Manager, eBusiness & Product Marketing. In July 2001, despite the downturn in the technology industry, Isopia was a major acquisition by Sun Microsystems Inc., USA. His current entrepreneurial engagement as CEO (International Operations) is to spearhead a niche Indian IT services company, Euclid Infotech Pvt. Ltd., which has customer base in over 100 countries. He is also the President & CEO of TransCard Capital Inc., that provides financial services to tourism industry & Real Estate investment for Latin America and especially for Cuba.